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We had a whole ordeal today going to find sea glass. I was bored so… - See Sea Glass [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sea Glass

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[Jun. 11th, 2006|11:41 pm]
Sea Glass


We had a whole ordeal today going to find sea glass.

I was bored so I suggested to mom that we go to the beach to look for sea glass. So we go over there and start walking to the water when I say "hey look a dead fish". There was a little silver fish dead on the beach. Usually we don't see anything like that there which is why I pointed it out. As we got closer to the water however we saw that the beach was covered in these dead fish. I *think* they might be alewives but I can't be sure. There were hundreds if not 1000+ of these fish all over the beach, and from the condition they were in I'd say they recently showed up on the beach. We actually did see 1, 1 out of all of them, that was still flopping around so Mom picked him up and tossed him back into the water (I think its likely he just washed back up anyway though - but we tried). So we're looking at all these fish and kind of still looking for sea glass as we walk up the beach I turn and I see this horrible sight. At first I thought it was some horrible toy, but then I realized it was too grotesque to be anything fake and I screamed. It was indeed a large dead turtle. It was dead long enough that it was getting all bloated. It was so gross. I didn't even know there were turtles in Lake Michigan let alone something that big... and dead. It was big and had like spikey things on its tail, it almost looked like a dinosaur or something.

I did however find just a couple of nice pieces of sea glass.

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And my jar

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